Connecting generations

Let grandparents instantly enjoy the special moments you share online!

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Famatic in the living room
Famatic web application

Easy to use

Famatic is super easy to use. You manage everything online, like connecting social media accounts, inviting family members, etc.

Photos you take automatically appear in the living room of your parents

Famatic soclia media integration

Hassle free sharing

Because Famatic connects to your favorite social media like Facebook and Instagram, you’re able to share photos the way you want.

Take Famatic anywhere, undock and use it as a digital photo book or take it to friends

Famatic cloud sharing

For family and friends

Invite close friends, brothers and sisters and other family members to also share their moments so grandma and grandpa are always connected.

It's easy for grandparents to leave a comment, so you know your photos are being appreciated

Famatic video support

A video is worth a thousand photos

Your baby’s first words, your child’s first baseball game. Your mom and dad can experience these moments as if they were there. With Famatic you can share videos just as easily as photos.

Our story

Everyone takes photos on their smartphone and shares them on social media. But for many - particularly Grandparents - using social media is just too complicated. The photo of your son's birthday party that you just shared on Facebook will never get to your Grandmother, as much as it would bring her joy to see the photo.

We strongly believe that technology should bring us together instead of breaking us apart. All generations should benefit from the possibilities of modern day technology.

This is why we created Famatic - to bring generations closer together.

Do you want to make your parents feel like they are part of your daily life?

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Technical specifications

  • Dual core ARM CPU 1,5 Ghz, for smooth video playback
  • 1 GB RAM, for fast application performance
  • 8 GB Internal Flash Memory (expandable), for local caching of photos and videos
  • 8” IPS touch screen 1024x768, perfect viewing angles and color reproduction
  • Great WiFi adapter, good connectivity in all circumstances
  • 2 front and 2 back mounted speakers, crystal clear sound when playing videos
  • Front and back camera’s, to offer visual communication in the future
  • Built-in microphone, to offer speech communication
  • Battery 4300mAh, display photos for over 4 hours